Update: Hockey Equipment Drive

The program is really working on many levels. One that is very encouraging is that school attendance is up! Kids who know they get to play hockey after school — if they go to school — go to school!


Gerald Lue made a trip to the Ring of Fire, a part of Ontario so far north there are no roads in. He made contacts with educators throughout the region. He has set up a “Northern equipment swap for teachers”. Teachers throughout the region can put in their requests for equipment and what they need is distributed or loaned out to them (jerseys/clothing can be kept by the kids, but gear comes back to a central location after the school year is complete, unless a teacher knows for sure that he/she needs that specific equipment the following year) . So unlike the equipment in our garages, the gear is used year after year by different kids.

Gerald now has several Rotary clubs and at least 3 hockey associations (in Etobicoke alone) involved in this initiative.