Moms on the Bench/Dads in the Barber Chair Returns this Weekend!

From his post high in the Peruvian Andes, Novice Convenor Lee Barter has the following message to share:

A great Mimico Hockey tradition returns this weekend, with Moms on the Bench/Dads in the Barber Chair at Mimico Arena this Sunday! For the newcomers, here are the essential details:

“Moms” on the Bench: We thrilled that Mimico Hockey is fun for girls and boys, and we do our best to make sure it is fun for Dads and Moms too. For those who have never participated in “Moms Week” before, we want ALL moms to participate on the bench, and help reinforce that hockey is a game for girls just as much as boys. Coaching from the bench is a fun vantage point to watch the game and celebrate the goals and near misses with our kids. Remember, there are only two skills needed to coach a game in house league: 1) open the door when you hear the buzzer, and 2) Cheer everyone on! Don’t be intimidated by the incredible and highly technical standard of coaching you witness week to week – we make it look easy, because it is easy 😉 The rules: For games this weekend, only the ladies are allowed in the dressing room before the game or on the bench. All female caregivers are welcome – Grandmothers, Aunts, Big Sisters, etc. (The regular coaches are allowed to help with the game sheets and goalie equipment if needed.) More details on exactly what to do to manage the game are included below.

“Dads” in the Barber Chair: I’m very pleased to announce that Brian Hurson, proprietor of Nite Owl Barber Shop, and friend of Mimico Hockey – will once again be setting up the barber stools at Mimico Arena this Sunday between 9am – 1pm. With playoffs (and more importantly, hockey picture day – Feb 5) just around the corner, it’s time to tighten up the old Hockey Salad. Due to huge demand, we actually have two great Nite Owl barbers – and Mimico natives – manning the clippers on Sunday, Dave and Vincent. All proceeds go to Mimico Hockey – huge thank you to Brian and Laura Hurson and the Nite Owl team!

FAQ: Coaching 101

  • Starting the game: Once the kids take the ice, call them over to the bench right away so we can start on time.
  • Managing ice time: Hockey shifts last 3 minutes, signaled by a buzzer. Alternate “A” lines (the more experienced players) and “B” lines (less experienced players). The regular coach will provide a list of names for the regular A liners and B liners to make this easy to sort out – don’t worry. At the start of the game, agree with the other team whether to start the A or B line first, and alternate the rest of the game. Main point: Don’t put an A line player out with the B line! If for some reason a B-line player scores, say, 2 goals in a single shift, they are clearly playing on the wrong line 😉
  • Positions: There are 5 players on the ice at a time. Centre, Left Wing, Right Wing, Defence (x2). Randomly assign these positions before the team plays their first shift – they will keep those positions for the rest of the game. Note, the Centre position is in high demand because they get to take the face-off. Go ahead and alternate that position each period if you wish (or not).
  • What about odd numbers of players?: Each team has 13 players…since only 5 players are on the ice at once, players take turns sitting off an extra shift (for clarity, that means sitting 2 shifts in a row to avoid mixing up the A lines and B lines). If both teams have extra players, you may mutually agree to play 6 vs. 6 on the B line which means more playing and less sitting.
  • The game sheet and goaltender assignments will be handled by the team’s regular coach – don’t worry about the paperwork!
  • Cheer loud, celebrate goals and good plays, and enjoy the game!
    Give out a Great Play Award to a deserving player in the dressing room after the game (the regular coach can probably help select a player who hasn’t yet been recognized).