Evaluation Schedule for Sunday, October 1st

Red Division players will be informed of their team placement this week by email.

Novice 7:30AM Non-Select Players Born 2010
8:15AM Red Division Select Players (1 vs 4)
9:00AM Red Division Select Players (2 vs 3)
9:45AM Non-Select Players Born 2009

Atom times have been moved ahead from the 10:20 and 11:20 times that were posted on the Atom schedule. The schedule has been updated as well.

10:40 AM All Players Born 2008
11:30 PM All Players Born 2007

The first Tyke time slot has been changed from 12:15 to 12:25 and it was labeled incorrectly as 2012 and younger. It is 2011 and younger. There are no other changes.

12:25PM All Players new to the league (2011 and younger)
1:15PM Returning Players Born 2012 (Select players excluded)
2:10PM Returning Players Born 2011 and 2012 Select players