Tyke Hockey for October 20-28, 2018

Please see the following schedule for this and next week’s ice time.

Saturday Oct 20th

7:20am for all new players to the league and 8:10am for all returning players

Sunday Oct 21st

1:15pm for all returning players and 2:05pm for all new players to the league

Saturday Oct 27th

We will be doing a combine skate consisting of 5 tests. All players will be graded on skating, skating with a puck, shot, shot on a target and shot over a board (raiser!)

These 5 stations will be scored and we will use for team creation after the combine.

7:20am for all returning players and 8:10am for all new players to the league

We will do our best to accommodate all friend requests where possible.

Teams will be announced after the combine and then your teams first games will be:

Sunday Oct 28th

Each teams Game times to be confirmed (between 730 and 930am)