Meet Karl Subban at Mimico Arena! Saturday, November 30th, 2019

Attention All Mimico Canadiens!

Karl Subban, Canada’s ultimate hockey dad, is coming to Mimico Arena Saturday, November 30th, 2019!

Karl will be on hand to talk to players and parents about the importance of practice and how to develop the potential in any child.

Karl, who was a TDSB principal for nearly 30 years and is a national best-selling author, is the father of three professional hockey playing boys and two daughters, both former athletes, who are also educators and parents themselves. Throughout Karl’s adult life as a parent, teacher, principal and coach, Karl has learned a lot about setting goals and achieving dreams. Karl believes the greatest gift of every child, and every adult, is their potential and developing that potential is their greatest gift to the world.

Karl will be in the Banquet Room at 10:00 am.

Coffee, hot chocolate and snacks will be provided.

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See you all at the rink!